Biotikon Supports the School Project of the Nimdy Gye-Nyame Kidz Foundation in Ghana

Nimdy is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Its objective is to initiate and support worldwide projects for the education and development of children and adults. All donations directly benefit the projects and all members of the organization are volunteers.

The context of these projects is the inclusion of a respectful and trusting approach between different cultures and religions.

The humanitarian attitude of Nimdy is based on non-violent communication and respect for individual traditions and cultural habits.

Gye-Nyame Kidz Foundation is a school project that began with a local contact person in the village of Ahodjo with a population of 1,000 people, situated in the eastern region of Accra in Ghana. Strongly integrated into the community, it provides early school development for small children aged 2-6 years and also support for their parents. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country. Art and music are important components of the curriculum.

The main focus is on health topics such as nutrition, prevention of infectious diseases, hygiene, as well as parenting questions and continuing education.

The school teaches children and adults how to use computer equipment and the internet.

The local project manager is Mohammed Sulemana, who works in close collaboration with the board members of the Nimdy foundation, the village and the Ghanaian authorities.

At present, 74 children attend the school. The facility is also used as a communication center and meeting place for the community.

The school is financed from donations and funds, which are contributed via the Nimdy foundation.

All the school staff comes from the region.

The following specialists from all nations are welcome to support the school on-site and thus gain a unique experience:

Kindergarten teachers, teachers, early childhood teachers, solar electricians, basic computer users, gardeners, plumbers and sanitary engineers, carpenters, producers of art and culture as well as artists. Please contact us.

Would you like to donate or become a part of this project?
For more information, please visit
Or contact Dr. Roland Hennes at

Biotikon supports this project financially and additionally by providing nutritional supplements for immuno-compromised children.

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